Package com.exoftware.exactor

Provides the core classes of the EXACTOR framework.


Interface Summary
ExecutionSetListener A listener for script execution events.

Class Summary
Command Base class for all commands executed by the framework.
ExecutionSet A collection of scripts to be executed together.
Parameter A parameter to a command.
Runner Class to run scripts from a file or directory.
Script A collection of commands to be executed together.

Package com.exoftware.exactor Description

Provides the core classes of the EXACTOR framework.

The main concepts are Command and Script. A command typically represents a verb phrase in the language of the application domain. Commands are created by subclassing the Command class and implementing the domain specific details. A command may have a number of Parameters.

A script represents a collection of commands grouped together to perform and check some application functionality. In eXtreme Programming this would be an acceptance test for a story. Scripts are grouped together to run in a ExecutionSet which may have ExecutionSetListeners added to it to report on the scripts and commands being executed.